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I've read tips, watched walkthrough videos, I just can't do it.

Sure, I'm not a skilled gamer - I usually get by on the "standard" difficulty setting, but on this game I've even reduced to the simplest difficulty and I still can't get past it. I've ended up ditching the game entirely which is a damn shame, not to mention waste of money :o. Originally posted by Chickenfed :. I don't know about the rest of you but every time I have the option to terminate, it goes to brief cutscene where the Zorn stamps me down with his foot and tosses me several feet away and then I'm left to dodge the stupid shockwaves again.

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I've done this repeatedly. I can't shoot him or do anything when he's in terminate mode. So frustrating!

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Originally posted by Magdalena :. Scooter View Profile View Posts.

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Kanayana View Profile View Posts. Krajacek View Profile View Posts. What is it with some people that seem to think a forum meant to help eachother simply say things like " it was easy " and don't think MAYBE others would like to know how they did it. Last edited by Krajacek ; 1 Jul, pm.

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Originally posted by Krajacek :. Hang in there, Kara Thrace for which she deservs much kudos gave an excellent description. And if the link after my original post still works i recommend it, it really helped me. Last edited by Scooter ; 7 Jul, pm.

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Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 11 Aug, pm. Posts: At that time it seemed to be the right thing to do," recalled Hughes yesterday. If it hadn't been for the sending off in Cardiff I would definitely had played on for Northern Ireland.

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It was a bit mad and a bit crazy for an experienced player like myself to do that. I think the red mist descended. And to be honest, I do regret it. Asked if the occasion, atmosphere or even simply because it was Robbie Savage - a 'love to hate' figure as a player then as much as he can be now as a pundit - that got to him, Hughes said he had no excuses. You take all those things and those emotions on board before the game so once you get on the pitch that is done and you are focusing on the game.

I'm not going to start making excuses for what happened. I have nothing against Robbie Savage.

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I didn't know him then. I don't really know him now to be honest. It could have been anybody. I think that's what set me off.

That's the justification in my mind even though it didn't justify the actions that came after that. I should not have done that. That's not football. I deserved to go. He didn't. Hughes, a hero with Northern Ireland fans before the incident, became an even bigger one after it. He understands the reaction but says he would hate what happened in Cardiff 12 years ago to define him as an international.