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From this week we are advised to give him Prednisolone in two hours interval. With heartiest regards. Dr, My son is 3 yrs old and suffering from retinal detachment in both eyes due to premature birth in 6 and half months. He had been given avastin in his both eyes and undergone surgery vitrectomy only in his left eye. But in vain.

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But Dr had given hope in his right eye. But till now he cannot see through his right eye and only has light sense. Dr is saying that he is not receiving signal from brain but his right eye condition is stable. Pls help and suggest what can we do with his right eye. I am sorry, but my experience with ROP is that once surgery is necessary, the prognosis is very poor.

Thanks a lot for your kind response. Yes the other eye is normal and he is doing his every day work smoothly by using this eye. Is there any vitamins or medications available to improve vision, retina cells to rejoin and to stop chronic inflammation of blood vessels. How do we detect that he has amblyopia? Should we use patching technique to recover from amblyopia. If yes, then how many hours each day? With regards. Wong, Thanks a lot for your response. Dr is there any research going on by which we could be benefited in future.

Nothing comes to mind. Prevention and identifying those at high risk for ROP has helped many, many kids, but I am not aware of any ongoing research on children already detached from ROP. You mentioned in this post that you had a patient with a detached retina for two years. How is the patient now after surgery?

Was he able to regain any vision? Admittedly, some improvement, but not able to read with that eye. We were successful in repairing the retinal detachment so there is no longer any chance of blindness or losing the eye. Hi Dr Wong. I have talked to you before here on this site, and I see that its still a thriving community to get answers to ones questions.

If i could just come up with a proposition for the site, it would be that you should try to gather all the posts in here in some kind of forum, where you can set priority and gather questions from users in a post so you dont have to answer the same questions again and again. It would also be easier for the user to read through posts and see what other people have asked before. I think that would be great, cause now you got comments under every new post you make, and the post doesnt always match up with the questions by users, so it can be hard to find what one is looking for.

I just wanted to ask you something. Im not sure if you can remember me as you get so many user questions and stories everyday, also through your practice. But i have had 4 operations on my left eye for a chronic low-lying retinal detachment without macula involvement fortunately. Its been a hard couple of months. My first surgery was in november , and my last was this april.

I have a feeling that it is spreading to. At first it was just a minor area. Do you know what might be causing this?

Also ive had so much peripheral laser that my night vision is all shot. I doubt the buckle is doing anything to the blood flow of the retina. The blood arrives to the retina via the optic nerve, while the scleral buckle is placed on the outside of the eye. I would guess that the flickering is somehow related to the retinal detachment. I do like your idea of a centralized forum listing all comments.

The immediate downside is that readers might get distracted. I am 27 and just got diagnosed with retinal detachement in my right eye. The macula is not effected and they believe this is a very slow progession. My surgery is the 19th. Do I have an okay chance for okay post surgery vision in this eye?

I am sorry. If you start to notice a change in your vision…. Wong 25 yrs ago my father had his retina reattached and after the surgery he had a crooked eye and double vision. He has learn to deal with it. They tried to fix it but they said scar tissue was pulling his eye muscles causing his double vision. He said driving through a construction zone with barrels down the side of the highway was hard because it looked as if they were floating across the road in front of him and headlight at night twice as many.

He would joke though he also had two wives, two paychecks and twice the bills. Also, when he closes good eye crooked eye goes straight and he see only one wife.

So this past weekend he said the pain was pretty bad and went to the doctor today where they told him he had cataract and they saw something on his retina and he has to see the surgeon who did his surgery 25 years ago to find out what it is before they do the cataract surgery. So were praying the spot they seen on retina is nothing serious Friday when he goes. Is there anything he can have done to fix the crooked eye and double vision now 25 years later? He is very active and I am worried if he can no longer drive, build his old cars and do his job he will fall into depression.

I just want him to see and be the best he can see and be…………… Thank You for your time.

Amy Bollinger. I have had a detatched retina for almost 6 years and been blind as a result. It was a trauma that caused the issue. Ni surgery has ever been a given option for me nhs. Would this be worth me insisting on surgery? Or is there no point after 6 years? Im 24 this year and would love some sight back if possible but have managed this long so wont be too disappointed if its not likely. Thanks for your time, I lookfoward to your reply. If you can see light, get a second opinion. Randall V.

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Wong, M. I had a detached retina in Dec. The surgeon used gas bubble to reattach the retina. It took 3 months to recover but the surgery caused a cataract and I had the cataract surgery performed in May 14, About 2 months after that I had another detached retina in different area of the same eye and was initially advised that it may be caused by the cataract surgery.

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Therefore I had the second detached retina surgery in July 12, This time the surgeon used silicone oil instead of gas bubble to reattach the retina. He told me that it would take 4 — 6 months for the eye to heal and then he would drain the silicone oil out in the follow-up surgery.

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I have been seeing the surgeon at least once or more a month for the follow up appointments since the surgery in July as required by him. He has been advising me that from July up until January that my eye and the retina is looking good. Eye pressure is measured in millimeters of mercury mm Hg.