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This is a book for finding your way towards a faery path of your very own. It is the book I wish I had found when I began in paganism, and I hope it will help guide many feet towards uncovering their own relationship to the spirits of nature. That the Otherworld was closer for you than it is for other folk? Have you ever wondered how you can tap into the wild, untamed magic of your own faery heart?

Then this book is for you. This is your guide to finding that Fey magic which sings in your heart. Through this book you will meet your guide, visit faeryland, learn about the beings of the faery worlds and develop your own faery craft to work in harmony with the power and cycles of the earth by unlocking the nature of your Fey spirit.

Time for you to become the Fey you truly are. There are some who say that the realms of Faery lie just beneath our own; they are the realms of ever-becoming, as the forces of nature that govern the green and growing world. Open your Faery heart and rekindle a sense of enchantment in your life! I have always been curious about the Fae and wanted to understand better. This book came along at the perfect time for me! This book covers so much in a simple yet thorough way. It is almost like multiple books in one yet flows seamlessly together in a magical and enjoyable way.

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Not only did I enjoy reading this book, I also enjoyed the exercises…and in all honesty I will often skip the exercises in many of the books I read. But I enjoyed and got value from the ones in this book. This is a VERY well written book in general and since it happens to be a topic I wanted to learn more about, I loved it and I can highly recommend it. Your Faerie Magic has opened my heart, my mind and my soul to more than I thought possible.

Unicorns are also the key to time travel and can help cure depression. Magical rainbows and peacocks abound, and are as close often just down the street as the enormouse a supersized magical mouse using his gifts to expose gremlins hiding in our backyard sheds. With God, anything is possible, so we shouldn't be surprised when He guides us to use art and music as weapons; or when He helps magicians create objects such as thimbles to measure dragon tears for healing, and bagicals magical bags that can produce even more tools to use in the fight against evil.

With the rise of the Supercities under control of the sorcerers , comes the rise of the Gifted, individuals such as those whose bodies can produce jewels that can either heal or kill, and others whose architecture based on magical triangles helps provide hiding places for the persecuted.

As the years progress, we learn we can always trust in God to help us overcome struggles, such as keeping enough human goodness in supply, since this is what magical creatures like firebirds, grimmpts, and unicorns feed on.

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God's light is still shining, brighter than ever, to help the human race survive as we draw closer to the Endtimes. While Satan and his followers might seem to be gaining ground, we must never forget that God is still in control. In fact, His children wind the Clock of the Universe. This might appeal to younger readers because the Part II adventures are somewhat shorter and quicker reads.

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Hardcover, Paperback, and Kindle Part I Wind Horses and Horned Lions: Discover a blueprint for finding a unicorn in the world of today, while conquering the Sea of Sameness currently prevalent in our culture. Some hold answers to great mysteries. Others contain magic that includes power over good and evil.

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Netherwind and Laurelstone hold the keys that wind the Clock of the Universe. In this case, second chances also involve a snow gryphon who is keeping watch on a magical Time Glass related to a very special promise. The twelve genie tales selected for this book are from three diaries that were once lost, but then were found by the snow gryphon Telanos.

And if we take notice of the smaller things in our world, such as the actions of tiny fairies called Spreesprites, we might better connect with human hearts. If we simply take the time to notice them, we might find them as numerous as the stars.

Faeries Found: A guide to entering the faerie realms

One might imagine handing out gifts from God would be hard work for the sparrows; but they get to have a little fun along the way, playing Connect-the-Dots to make the lives of certain people intersect. Jacob Woodbury, Chime Stouffer, and Shannon McNay are three such individuals, not only recipients of special gifts, but also destined to have great impact on one another and, quite possibly, the whole world.

King Magnus came to the throne, instigating a dark time for the carefree realm: he believed in the innate superiority of pure-blood faeries and this led to the persecution of the other races, with Brownies becoming little more than slaves in the royal household. Magnus also discovered a worrying problem; a disorder in purebred faerie blood meant that it was extremely difficult for them to produce children naturally.

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He began secret experiments, trying to refresh the bloodline by interbreeding with mankind. Ironically, Magnus' dalliances with other faeries did lead to a birth — an illegitimate and unrecognized son called the Amadan [16] [ full citation needed ] who grew to become Fool to the Seelie Court and mastermind of a thousand intrigues and manipulations. Magnus used to Amadan to provide contestants in gladiatorial games between the races, and was killed trying to prove the superiority of faeries fighting against a troll.

This left a power vacuum in the Court that was eventually filled when Lord Obrey sought out the rightful heir to the throne, a young boy faerie called Auberon who was being looked after in the outskirts by his cousin Dymphna and brownie nursemaid Bridie. Obrey helped Auberon to overcome challenges from rival Lords and succeed to the throne, but grew unhappy with his role as the Amadan's manipulations drove a wedge between him and the throne.

Obrey slipped into the role of king unchallenged, his own position made stronger by his marriage to Auberon's cousin Dymphna, [15] and the two ruled for several years, reversing some of Magnus' more prejudiced practices to bring all the races of Faerie together. However, Obrey was also told of Magnus' discovery by the Amadan, and grew increasingly concerned for the survival of the faerie race. He adopted the same solution as Magnus, trying to promote interbreeding by encouraging human children to be enticed to stay in Faerie.

One such child was the young girl Maryrose, who after being trapped in Faerie quickly became the favourite of Queen Dymphna. Assured by the Amadan that Maryrose would bear him a child, Obrey transformed Dymphna into a tree and took Maryrose as his new wife.

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Using a glamour stolen from the previous queen, Maryrose assumed the appearance of being a purebred Faerie and took the name Titania at her coronation. When Auberon returned as a young man, Obrey refused to relinquish the throne and the Wars of Succession began. Shortly after his marriage, Obrey was killed in battle and - seeking to reunite the warring kingdom - Auberon took Titania as his wife as he reclaimed the throne.

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For political reasons, Auberon expected his wife to produce an heir as soon as possible. However, when she became pregnant, it was the result of an affair she had been having with a human falconer called Tamlin. When the child was born, it was clearly a purebred human, and Titania and her nanny conspired to convince Auberon that the child had been stillborn, with the nanny taking the child into the Mundane World to grow into adulthood. Together, Titania and Auberon ruled Faerie through turbulent times: they made the final Severing between their world and Faerie [10] and forbade their subjects to travel to other realms without their direct permission.

Eventually, the intervention of Tamlin brought an Opener Timothy Hunter , who was possibly Titania's abandoned son to the realm whose spilled blood restored its previous vigor. The tithe was eventually annulled, however, when Huon the Small returned to the realm to judge its right to survive: thanks to the belief and loyalty of a flitling called Yarrow who was chosen as "The Leveller", the realm was recreated anew as the lush and fun-filled paradise it had always seemed to be with the connection to Hell severed forever.