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She is intuitive and in touch with real issues. You are wonderful doing that series and have been a great host as well. Thank you for all the wonderful memories!

Bless you all for your generosity in sharing this free Summit to the world. You will be in my heart, and I know in the hearts of many! Tears were just flowing and flowing.. A really-really big hug and lots of love to everyone who have created this magnificent event! God bless You all! I feel empowered and ready to live each day to the fullest addressing any issues that may arise or resurface.

Your gift of giving and the fabulous presenters that have contributed to this summit is truly wonderful. The world is -a better place because of the lives that you have touched. Never experienced being so much in tune with myself and so very peaceful, knowing that everything is just perfect.

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Thanks a million for the most wonderful presentation, Jessica! Love and blessings. I have also made more progress in becoming the person I choose to be in these ten days than I have in 25 years of psycho therapy. There is no turning back now! You have been such a gracious host.

You are comforting yet empowering and made this learning so easy and enjoyable. Start Tapping Now. Praise What Experts Are Saying About EFT Tapping… Because of the overwhelming scientific evidence as well as personal experience with the technique, more and more medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, personal development experts and others have come out in support of EFT Tapping in recent years.

He certainly has taught me to magically release or dissolve problems of all sorts through the process of tapping. You will love this book, The Tapping Solution — I certainly do.

I have worked with Nick and had great results with tapping in my own life. Nick Ortner is one of the leaders in teaching this valuable resource in a practical way. Mercola founder of Mercola. Nick Ortner demystifies the technique and shows you how you can apply it in just about any area to achieve the positive changes you desire for your life.

Robins, M. Nick Ortner is to be commended for providing us with such an informative, entertaining, and easy-to-use introduction to this important approach. Read this book and start tapping your way to better health and a better life. The Tapping Solution reveals how to address both the emotional and physical problems that tend to hamper your life. Nick Ortner is a genius at this amazing method.

Read this one now and break free forever! Joe Vitale author of The Attractor Factor. What a delightful resource. A wonderful way to rewire your brain for an amazing life. As one of the foremost teachers and leaders in the method of meridian tapping, Nick empowers people worldwide to expand their minds and lives.

The Tapping Solution is one of the most practical and useful tools to learn the methods of meridian tapping and how to apply them successfully to everything you do. Follow the guidance and methods that Nick shares in this wonderful book and expect your life to change in miraculous and beautiful ways. The results for those who use tapping, believers and skeptics alike, are nothing short of amazing and always seem to bring perspective, clarity, and calm to whatever the issue is at hand—physical, emotional, or spiritual. On top of that, having Nick as your guide is like having a trusted, caring friend at your side every step of the way.

Keep this book close. His message needs to get out to the world so we can be empowered to initiate our own healing process through the Emotional Freedom Techniques.

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I love the scripts; they break down tapping into an easy-to-do practical way. I feel like I can put the techniques Nick offers in his book to use right away. Simply following the scripts in the book will enable you to let go of major issues immediately. This book can serve as the perfect guide for an interested newcomer, the lay practitioner, or the clinical therapist. You will benefit immediately from tapping as it is shown here, and as you playfully explore its uses with others, tapping will astound you for years to come. Scheele, Ph.

With The Tapping Solution, he personally guides you, providing crystal-clear instruction on how to change the patterns of thought and behavior that hold you back, how to improve your relationships and your success in the endeavors that matter to you, and how to live a healthier, happier, more prosperous life.

It contains many detailed case histories, fascinating sidebars, dozens of practical exercises, and targeted tapping scripts to unlock the magic of EFT in your life. Nick shows how EFT is grounded in the latest discoveries in neuroscience, yet he never loses sight of making EFT useful and relevant to the real-life problems we all face. If you want to break the patterns that have held you back in your life, this book is the key.

Nick Ortner has done all of us a great service by writing this! EFT is just such a mind-and-body-altering practice, and Nick Ortner teaches you to master this simple self-healing tool with enthusiasm and grace. Nick has made tapping accessible to all, showing us how easy it is to use this tool to let go of patterns that no longer serve us—and experience more freedom and joy. At first I thought it was just another gimmick or stunt. And I am forever grateful to Nick Ortner for introducing me to tapping.

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This book is a must! Thank you, Nick, for combining the hope and science behind this practice. Tapping is bound to shape our future for the better! Seize the opportunity to fundamentally shift into new possibilities—read this book right now. He reveals how much power we really do have to change our lives if we just decide to try his elegant method.

Life opens up, possibility abounds, and we rediscover our greatness when we truly release the past, heal from trauma, and shift ingrained habits—and he shows you how fast and easy that can happen. A dazzling approach that will change you.

I highly recommend it. Over 90, copies have been sold. Learn more about the film here. Invite some people over to see it or pass the DVD around to your friends and family. Do it because The Tapping Solution is a show-it-to-everyone movie.

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Louis, MO. Totally powerful, Intriguing and I could relate to it. I will be watching more! Butt Germany. Learn more about Nick here. Since , Jessica has been using tapping and teaching people how to overcome the fears and anxieties that keep them stuck from moving towards their goals. Since she has presented and hosted The Tapping World Summit, a yearly online event that has attracted over , people.

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Learn more about Jessica here. When you simmer in her goods, you get inspired right up to fully charged. Positive EFT. Positive EFT Training. EFT Tapping para perros. Testimonio Sanar la relaciones con los hombres. Reprocesamiento cerebral. How does BodyTalk tapping work?

Kim DEramo.