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Read about fibro, inform yourself, and pray to God you, your child, or anyone you know is not diagnosed with this. Hi Fibromite, I agree I also have fibro, ddd, djd, osteo, rheumatoid, and a pinched nerve. I had since my early twenties. I am now in my early fifties.

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I wish people could really experience what I have gone thru in my life. All to be so called normal.

I am still pushing to survive, to happy and productive when allowed. God is good. I have Fibrmyalgia and it really hurts when it is acting up.

When Sex Leaves the Marriage

You spend one day with a flare up and most men will call in sick. It is usually caused by continued abuse.

Hmmm, wonder who would have done that. Believe me when I can leave my husband who sounds just like you I am out. Your an ignorant idiot. Women who have dropped out of the workforce, can not usually go back after 10 years and make a livable wage. Suck it up loser. You should have stayed single, been lonely and taken care of yourself! Entitlement mentality at its worst. FYI, I brought home the bacon, cooked it, did the dishes, and then the laundry, raised a child while She was off in her own internet world, spending thousands on crap… and then she met a fella. Im still paying her way 3 years later, and living in the same house.

By the time I actually recieve a decree, I will be ruined in every way. But thats okay, because I am an evil producer of honest goods and or sevices, and was horribly responsible. Got exactly what I deserve. This country is cooked a dozen diferent ways, this is just one of them.

Lets give the people who should be run out of town, more rights than the people who make the town run.

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Entitlement mentality is NOT just in women. I am a female, worked most of my working years in ,non-traditional jobs,. I have loved most of the men I have worked with as my own brothers. I am livid.

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Bad choice. It cuts both ways! It comes down to the integrity of the individual. It boils down to what a person learns from where they have been. I was engaged three times after my divorce. And I actually was. I Forced myself to ask the hard questions…If my back is against the wall…where will they be? Every time…I learned I was on my own. I however, had sacrificed my money, my time, my resources for them when their backs were against the wall. Learn from YOUR mistakes in your choices.

Choose better next time. Ask yourself …why did I choose that kind of person in the first place? How do I avoid them in the future? Choose better! LOOK for something different. See the WHOLE picture…that includes knowing what kind of person you really want in your life …at the end of it.

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John Adams, I feel sorry for you. Not all women are not the same and I worked and supported our 3 children while my husband was out of work after he left the Military honorable discharged of course.

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A lot of you get what you deserve. Guys should be more careful in the women they choose instead of always blaming the woman for taking everything you have, blame yourself for getting involved with such a person. Not all Women are bad people. You lack many things on to many levels, that I know with excellent reason. Your head so far up your ass you missed the fact that your mother is women!

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I bet your mothers proud. Apparently John you do not know ALL women. I have been working sunce I wss I have 3 children from 1st husband eho divorced after 12 years and he brought his pregnant girlfriend to our hometown. I got divorced he paid nothing. It was not worth the fight. In fact I even paid all legal fees. Fadt forward 30 years of marriage to husband 2, I work and do everything. By standards set in this column I should be collecting disability as I have had broken back repaired 3 levels, cervical fusion and knee surgery from years after being hit by drunk driver no insurance so no settlements.

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  • Been paying my way always. Stop drinking the koolaid there are idiots and bad partners in both genders. In fact I am also working on building business for retirement while husband sits and complains. Get some legal advice on this issue. If the aunt holding the power of attorney is deceased, then she no longer has power over the asset. If it is a different aunt who holds power, then she is probably bound to a fiduciary standard to act in the best interests of the beneficiaries. John got the best advice, getting married is the worst thing a guy could do. When you have met someone you love,give it time to see how you both feel in 6 months.

    Do they get along,have anything in common with each other? Your interest, her interest. Some of the same,none of the same? Expensive to rent your own apt. Save to buy a home. Discuss if you want children. More fights in marriage today than any other subject. I believe you can marry from on and be happy if you just talk out your real feelings before that walk down the aisle. The So called women that damage weak boys like you were screwed over by one of your home boyz or better yet Adams dad who taught his son how he disrespected the woman that gave him Life.

    THERE are just as many guys out there that are looking for a mommy free ride so they can sit on there ass as there is women. I had one. Marriage to me is a license to steal. To them. Blood suckers.

    Here are four reasons why adoptive parents need parental leave and what you can do to help:

    Want want want. Your dad was right. He did got married and made you.